Secondary School


Creating a permanent trace of the curiosities collected in the museum’s gardens by making a print using silver printing techniques.


  • Understanding the benefits of a collection: the link between objects and knowledge.
  • Understanding the notion of preservation.
  • Learning to recognise oneself and one’s environment.


  • Collecting and sharing knowledge: knowing how to identify, classify, select and analyse. Sharing knowledge about and interest in an object in a collection.
  • Ensuring the durability of a collection: each object deserves its own setting. Preserving the ephemeral through the use of light and paper.
  • Analysing the light spectrum and the effect of infrared rays: introduction to physics and chemistry.
  • From the portrait to digital photography: becoming aware of your body, determining a profile by making your silhouette. The silhouette technique preceded first film photography and then digital photography.


 Making magic tools and accessories.


  • Discovering the world of illusion.
  • Developing a scientific approach to magic.
  • Fostering critical thinking.

Skills developed:

  • Experimentation and hands-on practice, to develop fine motor skills and dexterity.
  • Formulating hypotheses to implement a scientific approach.

Length: 2 h
Price:  4 euros per child

The herbarium for plants containing tannin

Collaborative construction of a herbarium for plants containing tannin.


  • Developing sensory and emotional relationships with plants.
  • Discovering living materials collected in the gardens.
  • Experimenting with a technique involving pounding on fabric.

Skills developed:

  • Finding your way around a natural environment.
  • Collecting leaves with an artistic approach.
  • Observing, sorting and classifying materials to build a collection.

Length: 1.5 h
Price: 3 euros per child

Cooking with Herbs

Going into the gardens and then cooking a meal from what’s been gathered.


  • An ecological approach to using local flora.

  • Raising awareness about the senses of taste and smell.

Skills developed:

  • Identifying and recognising edible plants and herbs.
  • Identifying tastes and flavours.
  • Discovering and experimenting with unusual recipes.
  • Raising awareness about health and food hygiene.

Length: 2 h
Price:  5 euros per child

Dyes Made from Plants


  • introduction to the art and techniques of dyes.


  • making and using plant-based dyes.

Skills developed:

  • identifying dye plants
  • defining aluminium and iron mordants.
  • mastering various mordanting techniques.

The workshop includes:

  • learning about the history of natural dyes and their symbolism.
  • selecting dye plants.
  • making and preparing mordants and plant-based dye solutions.
  • being introduced to different printing techniques.

It’s All Fun and Games

Fun activity


  • “Playing to learn or learning to play”
  • Discovering popular games of the 18th century.
  • Playing with team spirit.

Skills developed:

  • Setting up strategies.
  • Developing physical and intellectual skills: agility, stamina and concentration
  • Acting with a civic-minded attitude

Length: 2 h
Price:  3.50 euros per child