« 1785 »

“In 1785, Didier Neuviller was murdered. Where is his murderer? Lead the investigation in the museum, collect clues and question suspects to find out whodunnit. This mystery reveals an 18th century county in which the Lumières shine light on the dark side.

The 1785 app is an investigation game designed as a fun way to visit the Jean-Frédéric Oberlin Museum. This means that you must be at the museum in order to play this game.



Oberlin NFC

With the NFC application of the J.F. Oberlin Museum, thanks to audio recordings and images of the collections kept in storage, you can access more information and further explore the amazing complexity of the world of the Pastor from Waldersbach. You can learn about the entire permanent exhibition on your smartphone in French, German and English.

Useful information:

  • If your smartphone features NFC technology, download the free app onto your phone before your visit.
  • If your phone doesn’t have NFC technology, the museum can lend you a compatible phone.